Xero Integration With ZATCA

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Xero Integration With ZATCA

Staying ahead of your competitors is a tough game to play if you’re not equipped with the right tools to utilize and achieve the best possible results. This applies to small, medium, and large enterprises as the ultimate goal is to manage financial processes better while making sure they’re compliant with ZATCA to avoid penalties at the same time.

ERP and accounting systems implemented vary from one company to another as per each business’ needs and requests. That said, what applies to a small company isn’t necessarily the same for another small company just because they share the same size. Why? Simply, because the business nature and goals play a pivotal role in determining what type of system to implement.

Some companies prefer to have an ERP system to manage several parts through one centralized system, while others require small and more goal-specific ones like the accounting system Xero provides.

What is Xero?

Xero Integration With ZATCA

Founded in 2006, Xero is cloud-based accounting software designed to cater to the needs of SMEs specifically as the target consumers in mind. With a current global presence in multiple regions around the world, Xero has managed to expand from its originally based office in Wellington, New Zealand, to include offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, South Africa, and Singapore.

It aims to streamline financial processes, save time, and increase efficiency while providing valuable insights into the enterprise’s financial health and processes. Xero is a subscription-based system with the pricing plans varying based on the number of users and features the business is in need of.

The more users and features needed, the higher the pricing goes but that’s only normal. The concern arises from the need to figure out a way to integrate your Xero system with ZATCA without complications in the setup process.

In other words, figuring out a way to integrate Xero without compromising the benefits and data you already have. Is there a way to handle that? Of course, that’s what we’re about to share with you in today’s article on how to integrate Xero with ZATCA via InvoiceQ.

Xero Integration With ZATCA: InvoiceQ Integration Solution

Xero Integration With ZATCA

At InvoiceQ, we always play our tricks to give clients the best and easiest possible experience they could ever ask for while integrating their internal systems with ZATCA. Hence, we came hand in hand with our team of expert developers to create a dynamic solution that enables clients to integrate in no time while also ensuring their invoice data is updated in real time according to ZATCA’s latest updates.

Our integration solution for Xero accounting system users relies on what we call an “Interactive Delegator” that works in coordination with the scheduler. The scheduler communicates with InvoiceQ’s “Interactive Delegator” and Xero system in order to fetch any pending invoices.

After fetching the pending invoices through the interactive delegator, all fetched invoices are transformed, processed, mapped, and checked for compliance with ZATCA servers before they’re sent back. Once the invoice is ZATCA-signed, it is then sent to the client’s account on the Xero system after the required information has been updated from InvoiceQ’s side to reflect the latest changes.

It’s worth mentioning that our clients get to access their invoices and manage them through the InvoiceQ portal as well so they’re free to keep managing them from their personal Xero account or simply access them from our portal.

Accessing invoices from the InvoiceQ portal is usually a choice our clients enjoy and love due to the very user-friendly dashboard we provide and the dynamic clear designs of the way invoice data is shown and shared. So, it’s really your call to pick whatever works best for you, we have you covered with all!

How Does The Configuration Happen?

InvoiceQ is integrated either as a plugin inside the Xero account or as an application through the custom application option where access is determined over which invoice data to process and match for compliance. Upon the integration process of InvoiceQ inside the client’s account on Xero, a confirmation email is received to approve the access so the integration process is carried out.

Xero integration with ZATCA

The integration period is determined by the business size and nature but doesn’t take a lot. In other words, as long as the client is ready, the integration process shouldn’t take more than a few days. RESTful API integration is implemented to ensure the following:

  • Simple and lightweight option to work with.
  • Flexibility across different system platforms and technologies.
  • Scalability to handle the growing amount of data and users a business can have.

This combination of simple, flexible, and standardized features makes them an ideal option for building integrations that are strong and can keep pace with the evolving nature of businesses over time.

Why Choose InvoiceQ For Your Xero Integration with ZATCA?

At InvoiceQ, we don’t settle for just anything, our E-invoicing system. We offer the best solutions so that our clients get the best outcomes without having to put in extra time or money.

Our comprehensive system and integration solution is powered by features that streamline workflow, improve efficiency, and guarantee compliance with ZATCA and any tax authority.

Want to stop wasting time on manual processes and outdated systems? Get in touch with our expert support team to help you choose the best plan for your needs.

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