Our Procurement Solutions

Purchase Request Management (PR)

Purchase requests serve as an essential role for organizations to easily select and share their needs with vendors and service providers when acquiring products or services from them.

The purchase request details the requester’s information, item details, description, budget limit, and the request’s reason.

The InvoiceQ system offers scalable options by creating custom workflows for each purchase request, making it an option that can be used by anyone.

Request for Quotation Management (RFQ)

Organizations are able to make informed decisions about the most suitable suppliers or service providers after approving a request for quotation out the proposals submitted by vendors.

By using it, the organization can provide details about the items to be purchased, expected delivery time, price, and any further requirements.

Therefore, suppliers become fully aware of the purchase request and quotation, allowing them to submit proposals that are more suitable.

Purchase Order Management

It is a component that allows organizations to place orders after eliciting and reviewing bids from suppliers.

Using InvoiceQ, organizations can share final requirements electronically for items to be purchased without requiring third-party intervention.

Direct communication channels between suppliers and the organization are provided if any clarifications are needed.

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