InvoiceQ Plans for E-Invoicing

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InvoiceQ system

Enterprise Package

For large companies
  • Issue invoices (Customized templates)
  • Workflow approvals
  • Multiple currencies
  • unlimited number of invoices
  • Unlimited users of invoices
  • Inward - Receiving invoices
  • Bi-directional APIs

Pro Package

For companies with high volumes of purchases or sales
  • Outward - Issuing invoices (Multiple templates)
  • Workflow approvals
  • Multiple currencies
  • unlimited number of invoices
  • Unlimited users of invoices
  • Inward - Receiving invoices
  • Inward - Receiving invoices

Basic Package

For a start-up or small business
  • Outward - Issuing invoices (Standerd templates)
  • basic workflow approvals
  • Multiple currencies
  • Unlimited number of invoices
  • Unlimited users of invoices
  • Inward - Receiving invoices
  • APIs

We’ve Made It Easier To Issue Invoices Qualified By ZATCA

Data security measures are implemented to protect our clients’ privacy when integrating our system with any other system

API InvoiceQ with Erp and Zatca

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the InvoiceQ system?

Any organization regardless of their size or the services they provide can use the system to manage the invoicing process electronically. It can be integrated with your organization’s internal system if you have one such as an ERP system, (such as an ERP/ accounting system), or you can use the system independently if you don’t have an internal ERP or system to integrate it with.

Sure, InvoiceQ is qualified by ZATCA in Saudi Arabia, making it a solution trusted by authorized parties. Furthermore, we implement strict security measures and encrypt data so no breaches or data losses can occur. We take our clients’ trust to maintain data seriously and this means staying up-to-date with the latest security measures and ZATCA updates.

Not at all, our system supports various integration options on-cloud, on-premises, and API integration that enables you to integrate the system easily with InvoiceQ without losing your previous data and we handle this integration process for you so you’re not burdened with it.
so you’re not burdened with it.

No, you don’t. Our system supports the bulk-upload feature which means you can upload all the invoice and client data in one click without having to manually do it one by one and waste your precious minutes.

No, our system is developed to accommodate real-time changes and updates shared by ZATCA for each phase and wave that is announced. This is where the need for our system comes in handy for you, as we handle this part all the time so you don’t have to worry about adhering to these requirements on your own.

Simple, our support team can provide you with a free demo or a one-on-one consultation with one of the available experts from our team to give you a system tour and help you know what plan is the best for you, or if you may require a customized plan to meet your intended business goals.

How long do I have to wait till my ERP or POS system is integrated with ZATCA?

You can do it immediately after contacting us if you already have your own dedicated technical team. However, if you don’t that’s totally fine as we offer the option to do it for you in no more than 2 weeks depending on your business size.

Yes, we offer archiving options to guarantee that your data is archived and retrieved at any time as per the regulation shared by ZATCA. This ensures you have access to any invoice record any time you need it for your financial organizational records.

According to the ZATCA requirements, Tax Invoices and Simplified Tax Invoices must be in Arabic language. This does not mean the invoice can’t be in other languages of course. We offer other languages such as English, however having an Arabic version of the invoice is mandatory.

Yes, according to ZATCA the same system can be used to issue invoices for different parties. This includes B2B or B2C.

Sure, at InvoiceQ we understand the dire need forcing some businesses to work with various systems inside the organization. For that, we assure you that our API solutions are available and applicable no matter the number of systems you have implemented.

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