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We’ve been flipping the pages for quite some time now to enlighten you with topics that no one else does, why? Because we take our valued readers and users pretty seriously. However, while flipping the pages, we have decided to introduce InvoiceQ to you because of our list of users, readers, and customers so it’s only normal we walk the extra mile and save you the pain of searching us up here in this one article. So, who’s InvoiceQ? Could it be that we’re the masked hero you’re searching for? Ladies and gentlemen, let’s begin.

Introduction To InvoiceQ

How Did it Start?

InvoiceQ is a SaaS company dedicated to providing services in E-invoicing and Integration solutions. As a FinTech company, our brilliant solution idea was the fruit of thoughtful consideration on how to transform traditional invoice management in the Middle East into one that is innovative and knows how to keep up with the latest tech trends in order to facilitate the way financial records are dealt with; something that many organizations struggle with and only a few know how to do.

Hence, the creation of InvoiceQ was the result of Muhannad, Mohammad, Fadi, and Amer coming together to address the real pain organizations were and still experiencing every single day.  However, their goal was to empower any organization no matter the size or niche to be able to enjoy advanced E-invoicing and integration solutions so that everyone knows how to practice instead of only a few.

Our platform has been designed to integrate easily with any ERP, accounting, or internal system implemented in organizations while ensuring compliance with ZATCA in Saudi Arabia and ISTD in Jordan.

What Fueled The Start?

Not long after InvoiceQ’s founding in August 2020, it showed remarkable growth at a rapid pace since it addressed the urgent need for organizations in Saudi Arabia to comply with ZATCA regulations for E-invoicing. Followed by the strong debut in Saudi Arabia and being a trusted solution provider by ZATCA, InvoiceQ’s services were available in Jordan and now in Oman.

But is that all? Not really, as we intend to extend the reach of our services to entail all Arab countries in the region where E-invoicing is going to be mandatory so that the MENA region is fully served by a Middle Eastern provider who understands the needs and legislations of each country in the region better than anyone else could.

Solutions That We Offer At InvoiceQ

InvoiceQ is not your typical E-invoicing system because we don’t offer invoicing solutions only, nope! Today, we have opened the umbrella a bit wider to fit more heads under. Thus, what solutions could you expect from us today?

1. E-invoicing solutions and it includes

Account Receivables: To manage & receive inward invoices, pay easily, and connect customers with vendors.

Account Payables: To manage & issue outward invoices, collect invoices easily, and manage user roles.

2. Procurement solutions and it includes

Purchase Request Management (PR): Enables organizations to share their requirements with the vendors.

Request for Quotation Management (RFQ): Allows organizations to receive various proposals from different vendors and choose the most suitable one.

Purchase Order Management (PO): Allows organizations to make the order after choosing the vendor and finalize the order process.

3. Inventory solutions and it includes

Import Stock: Follow up on imported inventory stock.

Export Stock: Follow up on exported inventory stock.

Stock Damage: Keep track of damaged stock with the damage reason.

Reports: To provide the organization with detailed insights & better decisions.

4. Integration solutions and it includes

API integration: Helps integrate any internal system in the organization with tax authorities such as ZATCA and ISTD by connecting and sharing data without complexities. Useful for organizations that aren’t willing to sacrifice the systems and data they have and need an easy option for integration.

Cloud-Hosting: Helps organizations integrate with the tax authorities through InvoiceQ’s dedicated servers to connect and share data with ZATCA.

On-Premise: Helps organizations integrate with the tax authorities through the client’s dedicated servers to connect and share data with ZATCA.

At InvoiceQ, We Know How To Turn Things Around!

What makes us stand out today is the tangible knowledge we build for each country’s enforced legislation. We understand that what goes on in Saudi Arabia is not the same as Jordan or Oman. Hence, our clients never worry about compliance as it’s our responsibility to manage that on their behalf. They ask for a seamless experience and that is exactly what we deliver!

Our solutions enable organizations to eliminate paper invoices completely with complete ease. The platform’s interface is user-friendly to ensure all users are capable of using all features without advanced tech knowledge.

The result is fewer errors while handling invoices, higher efficiency, better control over invoice collection, a vendor-to-customer direct communication channel, data monitoring in real-time, and overall better decision-making for the organization.

Payment Integrations

InvoiceQ is integrated with various payment gateways to facilitate payment methods and payment collections for both organizations and clients. That being said, we’re happy to be integrated successfully with SADAD in Saudi Arabia, and eFAWATEERcom in Jordan at the moment. Hopes are high of course for more to be included on top of the other options we have.

No More Mess, You’re Invoicing With The Best!

Why we’re the hero your business story is missing? Because we go above and beyond for every client we have today as we believe the reason we’re standing today is their trust in us, which enabled them to be our partners in this success. Our solutions have shown remarkable changes for our clients in managing bulk invoices, tracking data, and privileging from many solutions that aren’t only restricted to invoices.

Today, you get a centralized system that enables you to check your stock, send invoices, receive invoices, manage purchases, and enjoy analytical tools to ensure steady performance levels all the time. It’s about time you implement a solution without worrying about downtime!

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