InvoiceQ At The Forefront of E-invoicing Providers For Phase Two in Saudi Arabia

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E-Invoicing Phases in Saudi Arabia 

E Invoicing in Saudi Arabia

Ever since the implementation of the E-invoicing wave transformations in Saudi Arabia in December 2021, ZATCA has pulled the strings possible to ensure all VAT taxpayers comply with the tax regulations and rules. This meant setting rules and regulations for each phase starting with Phase One known as “Generation Phase” and Phase Two known as “Integration Phase”.

Each phase obligated different regulations from the other in terms of optional and mandatory rules. Phase Two obliged previously optional rules which included setting specific regulations for the E-invoicing system in-use to send, receive, and collect invoices in the organization. That said, ZATCA has allowed VAT taxpayers to get E-invoicing services from any system as long as the system complies with ZATCA’s rules.

At InvoiceQ, we have succeeded in answering all requirements set by ZATCA for Phase One and Phase Two ever since the start of the E-invoicing wave in Saudi Arabia. This in turn has enabled us to win the trust of many clients without worrying about their compliance with ZATCA, or having to double check if our system is ZATCA-approved. Why? Simply, because InvoiceQ has already been acknowledged by ZATCA as a trusted E-invoicing provider for Phase Two list ; according to the E-invoicing providers list ZATCA has published. 

Key requirements of Phase Two:

– The system should support issuing, and saving invoices in the required electronic form (XML) or PDF/A-3 including XML) as well as including all required fields.  

– Mandatory integration with the Fatoorah platform. 

– The system should be able to connect with the internet. 

– Anti-tampering features to keep invoice data protected. 

– Adhering to technical requirements of the implemented system. 

– VAT taxpayers compliance with Phase Two; each according to their published due date of compliance. 

InvoiceQ, A Bundle Of E-invoicing Solutions in Your Hands!

E Invoicing in Saudi Arabia

InvoiceQ system is capable of supporting organizations with a bundle of E-invoicing solutions. This includes managing inward invoices, outwards invoices, payment collection, procurement management, inventory management, and integration solutions. Our integration solutions help VAT taxpayers to comply, each according to the internal system they have implemented. Thus, making us the best option clients could get.

Are you still looking for an E-invoicing provider authorized by ZATCA? Contact InvoiceQ and get a system demo or a free trial to comply today!

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