Difference Between Field & Non-Field Violations According to ZATCA

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Complying with ZATCA starts by knowing violations to avoid them correctly. That’s why today with InvoiceQ’s solutions for integration and E-invoicing, organizations’ worries will be over as we’re 100% qualified by ZATCA!

Would You Like To Comply with ZATCA & Avoid Penalties?

It starts by learning the difference between field violations and non-field violations to get better compliance.

Field violations:

Detected by ZATCA’s employees to ensure the service provider does not violate any rules.

What if A Violation is Found, Then What?

  1. A warning is issued without penalties.
  2. Notifying the service provider not to repeat the violation within 12 months from the first violation to avoid penalty.
  3. The service provider should rectify the violation to avoid another penalty.
  4. In case the violation is repeated, the penalty is enforced.

Who’s Excluded?

  1. Service providers who rectified their violation within three months and avoided recurrence.
  2. Non-Field violations.

If You Interfere with ZATCA Employees’ Work, What Happens?

Rather than receiving a warning first, the service provider is immediately penalized.

What Are Non-Field Violations?

They include E-invoicing violations that are not inspected & detected by ZATCA employees on the field.


1. Tax evasion

2. Tax return manipulation

3. Delay in submitting tax returns

4. Not submitting tax returns

However, any violation before 30/1/2023 is excluded

What is The Process of Enforcing A Violation?

1. Warning

2. 1000 SR Penalty

3. 5000 SR Penalty

4. 10000 SR Penalty

5. 40000 SR After 4th Violation

Example of Field Violation

A service provider issued an invoice that was missing essential tax elements and this was discovered during a field inspection visit.

Example of Non-Field Violation

A service provider does not issue electronic invoices because he does not have an E-invoicing system or a system that meets the requirements mandated by ZATCA.

How To Achieve Compliance & Avoid Penalties?

With InvoiceQ’s solutions in E-invoicing and integrations, anyone can get the ZATCA compliance they have been searching for with complete ease and zero complexity. Penalties? We save you from that. Success? You get it with us. How? By invoicing smarter with InvoiceQ today.

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