Dedicated Integration Solutions for Billing & Accounting Systems with ZATCA

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Almost all enterprises and small to medium-sized companies will require at some point in time a process that involves data transfer, usually for a system upgrade or a third-party integration with external systems. However, the task gets harder when coupled with systems containing sensitive data such as ERP systems, billing systems, or any other where the volume of data is not to be undermined or looked over.

Ensuring that data gets to the preferred destination while ensuring compatibility and accuracy gets harder with no proper management or limited tech skills, especially for legacy systems that require custom-developed solutions that aren’t easily found and deployed.

This is exactly what we have noticed with companies trying to integrate their systems with ZATCA to ensure compliance with the FATOORA platform in Saudi Arabia. This, in turn, enticed us to craft E-invoicing and integration solutions capable of untangling the knots that others usually skip.

Planning The Solution

The process of planning the solution for our clients is not random, of course. It starts with understanding the client’s business niche and business requirements after gathering the required info to make the right assessment for the integration method. Some clients may have their needs fulfilled with API integration for instance while others require yet other advanced integration methods capable of matching their system business rules such as the database integration method.

Why Does This Step Matter?

Running a thorough analysis of the client’s ERP or accounting system in use helps us understand which units of the system they rely on if not all the system units are implemented. Thus, finding the simplest and best possible ways to transfer data to the ZATCA server. See, the ultimate goal is to get all invoice data ZATCA-signed and complied with the client having to make the least possible effort from their side.

This includes tailoring solutions to systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edwards, Xero, QuickBooks, Oracle EBS, SAP, and more.

Compliance With ZATCA & Tax Updates

Our integration solutions not only consider the technical specifications each system mandates but also guarantee all ZATCA updates are configured and reflected in the client’s system in real time. This allows our clients to focus on running the business instead of getting their hands busy with technical set-ups that consume their time, money, and effort if not managed by experts. Additionally, we provide our clients with other privileges even after the integration is done such as:

Real-Time Monitoring

To help them comply and avoid non-compliance penalties and leaves significant financial impacts on the business.

Automation of Process

All processes are automated with zero need for manual work. This includes automatic reflection of updates, automatic updates of the invoice status, delegation of privileges via user role authorizations, and more.

Support & Training

Our technical support engineers guide clients through the set-up process and after the integration is complete.


Scalable integration and E-invoicing solutions tweaked according to the client’s requirements as part of our feature enhancement plans.

Successful Implementations

InvoiceQ’s successful solutions in integration with ZATCA have helped users of Microsoft Dynamics, Xero, JD Edwards, Oracle EBS, and SAP users to enjoy tailored solutions that can’t be found elsewhere. For example, what we offer for Microsoft Dynamics is not the same as QuickBooks.

This can be attributed to the intricate nature of each system, the system’s UI, custom fields, modules, and more. All these contributing factors shape the vision of how an integration method is developed and implemented.

Some systems may be supported with one integration option, others with more than one option depending on the system’s type and in some cases the number of versions. In other words, the same system could be supported with one integration solution or more than that according to the version of the system in use. Such details matter that’s why the choice is determined only after the assessment session with the business owner.

However, this is not to be a pain clients have to worry about because our tech support is always on guard to assist them with the process, orientation, follow-up, and any future updates that could require our team to step in and take the lead if needed to speed up the integration process on the client’s behalf.

Innovation And Development

Developing innovative solutions is a continuous process that doesn’t stop at any point in time. Simply, because ZATCA updates are non-stop as well as the trends in the fin-tech industry. However, proposing the right development plan in addition to any future enhancements is not possible without being attentive to customers’ real pain points. So, how do we determine that before strategizing new updated solutions?

At InvoiceQ, we believe in continuous improvement, fueled by the voices of our valued clients. With a view to accomplishing this with the best possible scenarios, we have established a development method of feedback-driven improvement plans. These plans are meticulously crafted based on data gathered from ongoing client satisfaction surveys that we periodically conduct.

This ensures that every piece of feedback, positive or constructive, is carefully analyzed and translated into actionable steps to enhance clients’ experience with us. By prioritizing these insights, we can easily refine our processes, services, and offerings to ensure they align with the business’s evolving needs.


InvoiceQ’s integration solutions not only bridge the gap between ERP/billing systems and ZATCA but also build new ones for intricate systems; allowing data to flow seamlessly and ensuring compliance with all ZATCA updates 24/7.

To learn more about how we can help you integrate with ZATCA no matter the system or version your business has, contact our team of experts and let us know all the details that would like to share.

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